How To Free Up Space In Your Mailbox

If you've ever struggled with your mailbox storage filling up, this guide is here to assist you. We'll provide you with easy steps and tips to declutter your Outlook, manage attachments, and create more space. By following our easy-to-understand instructions, you'll be able to optimise your Outlook experience and enjoy a cleaner, more organized mailbox.

Empty your Junk, Clutter and Deleted Items Folders

Empty the Junk Email folder (Right click on the folder and select Empty Folder)

If present empty the Clutter folder (Make sure there is nothing, you want in there) (Right click and select Delete All)

Lastly empty the Deleted Items folder (Right click on the folder and select Empty Folder)

Remove Attachments from Sent and Received Emails.

Select an email with an attachment, right click on the attachment and select Save As or if its multiple attachments Save All Attachments

Choose where you want to save the attachment.

Right click on the attachment in the email again and select remove attachment.

Filter Emails by Size

You can find the biggest emails in your mailbox using a filter. Select the folder you wish to apply the filter to.

Change the filter selection to “Size”

Apply the filter from largest to smallest. This action will arrange your emails based on their size, allowing you to easily identify the largest emails in your mailbox.

Check The Free Space.

To check the size of your mailbox you can:

Access the File Menu located in the upper-left corner of Outlook.

Look at the thermometer bar to see how much free space you have 9it might take a little while to update if you have just cleared out a lot of space).

More Options

Some folders are hidden in Outlook by default, such as the Conflicts folder. This can get quite big over time. See how to find the conflicts folder to free up some space: How To Find The Conflicts Folder in Outlook – Macnamara ICT

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