How To Find The Conflicts Folder in Outlook

In Outlook, the Conflicts folder is like a record of problems when your emails don't sync well with the mail server. If there's trouble syncing, you might end up with extra copies of the same email. These issues get listed in the Sync Issues folder. You wouldn’t often need to look in this folder, but over time it can get quite big, so you might occasionally need to see it to empty some space.

How to find the conflict folder in Outlook desktop app

Outlook has a special folder called Conflict that deals with synchronization conflicts. But, by default, this folder is hidden. If you want to see what’s inside, you can easily do that by making hidden folders visible in Outlook.

  • Open Outlook desktop app
  • press Ctrl + 6 to reveal the “Sync Issues” folder.
  • Small window should pop-up
  • Click Folders
  • Your Outlook View should change and look like
  • Now you can select and open “Sync Issues” folder (Click “greater-than” symbol)
  • Inside this folder, you’ll find the “Conflicts” subfolder.
  • You can delete the conflicting items by right click at the folder and select “Clean Up Folder”.
  • Press Ctrl + 1 to return to the usual view.

Outlook Web Version

  • In Search box type “Storage” and open it
  • The Conflict folder should be listed. To clear it, click the “Empty” button and choose the option “All.”

Keep your Outlook tidy!

In conclusion, managing your Conflicts folder in Outlook is a breeze with the insights gained. Now that you know how to locate and clear it, maintaining a clutter-free space ensures smooth email synchronization. Keep your communication streamlined and hassle-free by tidying up the Conflicts folder as part of your regular email housekeeping routine.

Happy emailing! Like this? Some more tips how to free up the mailbox space here: How To Free Up Space In Your Mailbox – Macnamara ICT

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