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Modern business runs on information. 2020/21 saw an accelerated move to working from home and now we see that businesses are operating in a distributed manner. The hybrid approach of offices and remote working is here to stay! How do you make sure you can provide dependable, secure systems and services to your organisation – wherever your people are? While still finding ways to optimise and improve business productivity.

We all recognise the importance of good Cyber Security and recently a worrying trend has started to occur. Hackers have started to exploit Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tools to carry out ransomware attacks and other malicious activities. What’s worse is that they aren’t just targeting those IT companies that use these tools, but they’re actively targeting the vendors of the software. Companies like Kaseya, Autotask, Solarwinds and Connectwise. These may not be familiar names to you, but their software platforms are pervasive throughout the IT industry.

The IT Support Model is Broken!

For many years now the IT Managed Services and Support industry has operated using a model of remote control, proactive monitoring and resolving issues before you know about them. This is achieved through utilising RMM software. It works by having software agents installed on your devices, which monitor the health of that device and report back. They also afford the IT partner full control over those devices, under the guise of support!

At Macnamara, we’ve been looking at this model and asking a few questions.

This is not the IT Support you are looking for!

How do you benefit?

Report Chart
How useful really is your monthly reporting?

What benefits does the current industry support model bring to our customers? Think about what value you get from that weekly/monthly report that tells you your IT Partner has automatically fixed 572 issues. When you realise that this approach also affords the monitoring software full control of your IT assets, we’re sure you’ll be raising your eyebrows.

Your managed service boils down to handing over total control of your assets to a 3rd party, so they can fix IT problems that you didn’t even know were an issue!

Is there a better way?

You deserve Information Technology that compliments and enhances your business. So, we started work on a different approach that switches the focus to:

    • Information Management – Being able at any time to put your finger on exactly the information you need right there and then, confident you are all working on the same version and, even better, no worries about losing it by mistake.
    • Information Security – Ensuring that your information is safe, and your business protected from fraudsters. Too often the Information part of Information Technology is overlooked. Likewise, Security is an afterthought. Information systems built on secure foundations are not just more secure, they are more productive.
    • Compliant Systems – The systems and devices your employees use to carry out their work operate within a compliant framework. We’ll make recommendations about things like Operating Systems, Patches, Anti-virus and Malware protection, which will contribute to your individual compliant framework.
    • Customer Service Helpdesk – The best information system in the world is no use if the tools you use to access it let you down. The reality is that the technology just doesn’t fail as often as it used to, but we recognise that sometimes things do go wrong or don’t work the way they should. Our Customer Service led helpdesk is then on hand to get you back up and running.

Interested yet?

We’ve made this change to help our customers empower their staff to be productive! No matter what environment they’re working in, they are safe in the knowledge that they can securely access the information they need using compliant tools and devices, to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

We recognise that this new approach won’t be for everyone, but if it sounds like it might work for you, then perhaps it makes sense to have a chat. 

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