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Security awareness training is perhaps one of the best, if not THE best, precaution you can take to protect the security of your business and of your staff. We offer a workshop that covers all the basics of how to spot the most common online threats, including phishing, ransomware, and other fraud.

Our experience has shown that if staff are trained to know what they are looking for, they will be far less susceptible to the exploitation risks they face every day. Knowing a little bit of how scams like phishing work helps to lift the veil of mystery around them and significantly lowers the chance that they will be successful.

Led by our resident security expert Ciaran Kenny, the workshop typically lasts for around 2 hours, is aimed at groups of 8-10, and is open to existing clients and non-clients alike. The workshops are currently delivered online. Contact Us for more information or if you would like to book.


“Ciaran’s training session gave a thorough introduction to the complex world of internet security and addressed a number of issues in easy-to-understand terms. I left feeling more able to identify potential threats both as an individual and employee and picked up a number of useful tips. Ciaran is very welcoming and approachable and I felt at ease asking questions during the session, whether it was to clarify new terminology or to ask about any doubts I had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ciaran, whatever your prior knowledge and experience of cyber security may be.” 

Teresa Bestwick, Teacher Trainer, Active Language, Cádiz

“Even as someone who works of the periphery of the IT industry, and therefore quite savvy when it comes to things like two-factor authentication etc it was a real eye-opener to see how email addresses and URLs can be spoofed – in real time! In our industry, where it is normal to receive unsolicited enquiries with attachments (floor plans, specification documents etc) from a variety of sources, we will definitely be doubly aware in future of the risks of them containing the type of malicious code that you so clearly demonstrated the dangers of, both to our business function and finances. I would recommend the course to any small business that thinks cyber-security is just something for the “big boys” to worry about.”

Justin Williams, Director, Datacat Network Cabling, London

“Ciaran is obviously knowledgeable and experienced in Cyber Security. He combined these qualities with his method of training that kept us focused and engaged, by quizzing and enabling conversation. He deals with what we all fear and answered all our questions clearly and concisely. After the session I have come away knowing that I can take control of the threats with practical and sensible steps. If in doubt ask Ciaran.”

Colin Crone, Director, ISO27001, ISO22301 and ISO9001 Implementer and Auditor, London

“Thanks very much for the workshop yesterday. It really opened my eyes to the potential risks that our business faces as it grows and what we need to do to take some fairly straightforward precautions. I also very much enjoyed your relaxed and light approach to a subject that could otherwise have been quite depressing – it kept me engaged throughout. ”

David Strickland, Director, The Benefits Training Co, UK

“I can whole-heartedly recommend Ciaran’s online session on internet security. I am not a “techie” and tend to shy away from engaging in such issues. And with this subject matter, I approached the session with a high degree of anxiety worrying that I’d leave more fearful than I began.   

Happily that wasn’t the case. I left the session with a much greater awareness about the risks and also a greater confidence in internet security. I learnt so much during the session that I will take forward with me personally; a greater vocabulary to talk about the threats, how to spot them and how to avoid them.

As a small business owner I’m aware that internet security has been something of a blindspot for myself and, I think, for the whole team here. I now feel much more confident in making discussion about internet security part of our normal conversation in the business; a great sign of increased awareness and confidence.

And lastly, a thank you to Ciaran. His experience and expertise shine through and he certainly knows and is passionate about internet security. On top of that his charming, reassuring manner and interactive approach made the two hours fly by.

I am extremely pleased to have been at the session and to be able recommend it others, it’s a great investment, possibly the best investment I’ve ever made!”

Simon Pearlman, Director, Active Language, Cádiz

“The workshop provided some helpful practical advice to improve our online security and awareness. Ciaran is approachable and was able to cater the session to those with limited security awareness.”

Claudia Carrington King, Head of Central Operations, Dallaglio Rugby Works, UK

“I found the cyber security workshop that was delivered by Ciaran very informative and useful regarding recognising potential threats.  

I learned how to keep my own details and the trust’s information safe and not to trust any suspicious emails, links or messages.”

Anè Bedford-Smith, Project Support Officer, Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, UK

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Our Security Workshops are available for clients and non-clients alike. If you would like to book, or just find out more, get in touch

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