IT Support redefined as total
Technology Partnership

After 20 years in tech we are as good as the best in our field but, when it comes to user experience and security, we lead the field. Partnership, not just IT support.

“We made a conscious decision to stop being the guys who say ‘No’ because we didn’t know how, and to take on the mantra, ‘Whatever you want is possible.’”
- Ciaran, Director

From Traditional MSP to Technology Partner:
One Company's Journey to Success


Macnamara ICT is a well-established managed service provider in the U.K. with more than 15 years specialising in SME clients. As technology and business models have changed, it became clear there was an important gap in the MSP’s portfolio—security, especially after the development of Cyber Essentials, a U.K. government-backed information assurance initiative, that put more emphasis on security.

The company knew it had to reinvent itself, investing in training for employees not only on security technologies, but also on security policies, procedures and protocols vital to ensuring customers’ protection. All this at a time when SME IT budgets in general were very limited, let alone for devoting additional resources to security.
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