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The rate of change has always been a factor in IT, and the last few years has only served to highlight how quickly we sometimes need to adapt. But too many IT companies are still offering the same old IT support service. Not Macnamara.

Cyber Essentials as standard

You will be aware that IT just doesn’t fail as often as it used to. IT support these days isn’t about fixing your equipment when it breaks down, it’s about making sure your equipment and overall IT system works for you, when you need it and from wherever you need to do your job. But not just that, the precious information you work with must be kept safe. And that’s the first big difference with Macnamara.


CE Certified
Cyber Essentials Baseline

Partner with us and we will certify your business against the government standard Cyber Essentials. Even if government and local authority contracts aren’t in your sights right now, getting certified allows you demonstrate to your partners, clients, suppliers and service users that you take security seriously. 

Telephone and remote support

Kamil Phone
Friendly and professional Service Desk

Macnamara supports approximately 800 colleagues across approximately 40 partner organisations, all of whom use Microsoft 365. With our IT support service, Macnamara handles all aspects of the maintenance and administration of Microsoft 365 on behalf of our partners and provides direct helpdesk support to all colleagues in respect of any problems they might have in using their IT systems or with their hardware. We don’t mind if you use your own equipment or equipment supplied by your organisation. Either way, we’re here to help.

Setup of new equipment, adding and removing colleagues

Macnamara currently supports a very diverse work force, throughout the UK and beyond (approximately 60% in London). We have extensive experience in providing pre-configured laptop/PCs to colleagues and pride ourselves on offering the best possible out of the box experience.

As well as standard laptop/PC builds, we agree (what are effectively) ‘standard colleague’ builds so that all line of business applications, file access and permissions are pre-configured and available out of the box.

Business interior wooden work space
Work where you want, from whatever device you want, securely

For company owned equipment, all security, application and system updates on both Microsoft and third-party apps are applied automatically, subject to review and approval. All computers are subject to regular maintenance and performance review.

Procedures are agreed with you with respect to new and departing colleagues and fully handled by Macnamara, including the supply of hardware. Our aim is always to make the experience secure, easy, and pleasant for management, new starters, and colleagues.

As required Macnamara can operate as your supplier or your procurement agent.

Sample Invoice
Clear and simple billing

The numbers (of users and computers) on which monthly charges are based are subject to review twice a year with the monthly bill adjusted up or down as required and by agreement after review. Significant changes and/or new projects may, by mutual agreement, trigger a pricing review outside the usual cycle.

This review is also used to make sure you are kept abreast of wider technology developments and those specific to your sector, and to make sure that we continue to understand your business direction and plans. 

We will maintain a hardware, software, colleague, and licence register and, if required, can fully manage your Office 365 licensing allowing you to minimise licensing costs and handle everything on a single monthly invoice.


As an IT partner our focus is on the user experience and the security of your information, systems, and people. In our experience, all businesses are subject to regular fraud attempts by criminals. With this in mind, we keep endpoint protection under constant review and tweak the deployed security package as new threats and solutions emerge. We currently deploy and maintain an endpoint security package including:

  • OneDrive local file backup with ransomware protection and alerting
  • Microsoft Defender
  • Webroot Endpoint Protection (AV)
  • Webroot DNS Protection (Malicious websites and anti- phone home)
  • Sentinel One (zero-day, system isolation rollback and forensics)

We also recommend (and manage) the deployment of Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) system wide. Depending on your Microsoft 365 licence, ATP may already be included.

Records management, backup, and mailbox protection

As well as having close to two decades experience in providing end user and system support and maintenance, Macnamara have extensive experience in compliance, and regulatory issues not only in the property and professional services sector but ranging from financial services to the NHS.

As part of our core IT support service, we will engage with you to design a comprehensive solution to your data access requirements along with archiving, backup and data protection requirements.


We don’t believe it makes sense anymore for IT companies to shirk responsibility for information security compliance issues, especially GDPR. We are fully equipped to work with you, without extra charges, to build your security and compliance roadmap. Remember, security is a journey and not a one off job. We’re there to hold your hand on that journey, see our qualifications for doing so below. And, if you prefer, we can prepare your policies and procedures to take you all the way to ISO 27001 or however far you want to get – though we do charge extra for that.

CE Plus IASME Gold
We are certified Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Gold Certified

It's good to talk

Our approach isn’t for everyone, but if our IT Support service sounds interesting to you, why not give us a call to find out more. Also, why not check out our thoughts on Information Management.

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