How To Use Personal Bookings In Microsoft 365

Bookings in Microsoft 365 has had a little update recently. Now, in addition to having your own company bookings page, you can create one just for yourself, allowing you to send out a link to people to book an appointment with you at their convenience but using your own availability.

How to set it up

Setting it up is really easy. Just go to Bookings in your M365 Portal from the top left menu.

The first time you click though it will take a few seconds to set up the service. Then you can just click to ‘Go to bookings page’

Once turned on, people in your organisation will be able to see your public page, and you can always turn it of again if you decide you don’t want to use it.

Click on the + sign to set up a new service. You can have multiple bookings links with different settings, such as 30min or 1 hour slots, or at different times or days of the week. You could have one for staff 1-2-1 calls and another for sales prospects to help you segregate your day.

Set your title, description, calendar category (if you use them). Note that it’s a Teams meeting by default, so turn that off if you want to keep it face to face.

At the bottom, change the drop down to ‘Use custom availability hours’.

You can set this to eliminate certain days or setg specific hours, as opposed to any time you are free.

If you click Advanced Options, you can also set a buffer time before and after the meeting when, even if you are free, you can’t be booked again immediately so as to give you a bit of catch up between sessions.

You now have a nice, clean personal bookings page you can send out. Other people in your organisation will have their details filled in automatically, people outside your organisation will of course need to fill in their own details.

That’s it. A very useful extra to Bookings (and better than Calendly).

For a bit more info, see Create a Bookings calendar – Microsoft Support

More tips on Office: Microsoft Office – Macnamara ICT

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