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What Does It Mean To Say “My Computer Is Supported By Macnamara”?

At Macnamara, we like to say that we support people, not machines. And, of course, that is true. We support people who use computers, and we help them to get past the problems that their computers throw up. Every now and again though, when no one is watching, we drop what we learned in Marketing 101 for Small Businesses, and admit that we love computers and we do in fact support computers as well as people (who we love even more).

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CEO Fraud
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CEO Fraud – How It Works

CEO fraud is up there, along with phishing and ransomware, in the top three cyber threats facing small businesses. CEO fraud comes in a variety of more or less sophisticated forms, but most commonly appears as a forged email or SMS message purporting to come from the CEO or other senior person and asking for money to be transferred to meet some urgent requirement.

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Master Of Your Domain
Macnamara News

Chapter 3: DNS and Domains

In this excerpt from Ciaran’s upcoming White Paper ‘The Mail Must Get Through’ on email deliverability, we examine one of the core underlying features of the internet, DNS and Domains.

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sharing office password security

Is it ever a good idea to share office passwords?

At first glance the answer is obvious. No, of course we should never share our passwords, why would we? 

I agree and yet, here’s an oddity: we often encounter small companies where password sharing is common. It may not be obvious at first but with a little digging the practice turns out to be the norm. 

In fact, anecdotally, I would say offices in which some degree of password sharing goes on are more common than those that absolutely ban it.

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Cyber Essentials 2023
Best practices

Cyber Essentials: Is It Worth It?

For some companies, Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a must-have. Usually this is because their position in the supply chain — e.g.

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