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IT, Information Technology: Information first and Technology second. Modern business runs on Information. Technology is just a set of tools. Experts in Information Management, certified Information Security, IT Support and Business Productivity.

Talk to us if you’ve had enough of not knowing where anything is, you’re unsure about your security and compliance and, of course, to take care of IT Support.

Customer Reviews

  • Kate24/09/21
    Funding Charity

    Fabulous. Great telephone manner and really supportive. Not a fault in it.

  • Harriette14/09/21
    Health & Care Services

    Always puts a smile on my face talking to any of the Macnamara Team. So far I have spoken mainly... more...

  • Valmai09/09/21
    TV Production

    Super quick and efficient as always.

  • Michael02/09/21
    Health & Care Services

    Speedy response and professional and helpful as always

  • Stephan19/08/21
    Waste Consultancy

    Very helpful and quick to respond

  • Isabel16/08/21

    I had a response and resolution within a few minutes. It was a great relief!

  • Kate24/06/21
    Disposal Services Provider

    Macnamara took over our IT support in 2018 and have proved to be an excellent partner. They operate with the... more...

  • Michael20/11/20
    Health & Care Services

    Good communication, everything was explained in simple terms. Everyone I spoke with was helpful, friendly, and professional. Thank you too all

  • Pam09/11/20
    Health & Care Services

    Had a response within minutes, followed quickly by a guide to what I requested, with offer of immediate support if... more...

  • Pawel12/10/20
    Legal Services

    After not urgently needing assistance for a while, because everything is running so smoothly, I had an issue which has... more...

  • Damyanti30/09/20
    Estate Agent & Surveyors

    Saved me 5 hours of work which I thought I lost 🙂

  • Richard22/09/20
    Estate Agents

    When you send a request entitled "Urgent & Timeline Critical", you fear it will be ignored. Not with Macnamara -... more...

  • Shakila11/08/20
    Health & Care Services

    Was just impressed also with how quickly IT took the call. Usually, IT take the longest to respond. This is... more...

  • Kate10/07/20
    Waste Consultancy

    You called me before I could find your number to call you to say our connection was down, which was... more...

  • Peter24/06/20
    Legal Services

    It was a niggly problem which kept throwing up more problems and I am not the most tech savvy person,... more...

Information Management

Information is the lifeblood of business. The IT Support industry is hung-up on the computers, tablets, phones, servers, printers… What about the information? It’s all there somewhere, spread across the technology, and you can usually find most of what you need more or less when you need it.

Imagine, instead being able at any time to put your finger on exactly the information you need right there and then, confident you are all working on the same version and, even better, no worries about losing it by mistake. Find out more…

Information Security

Knowing where your information is gives you the edge on most organisations we have encountered. What if you were also sure that your information was safe, your business protected from fraudsters and fully compliant? Too often IT Support forgets about the Information part of Information Technology. Likewise, Security is an afterthought. Information systems built on secure foundations are not just more secure, they are more productive. Find out more…

IT Support

The tools you use to access your information system are not your IT system, but they do need to be maintained. The best information system in the world is no use if the tools you use to access it let you down. The reality is that computers don’t fail as much as they used to, but emails still don’t arrive, files don’t print, staff come and go, all of which needs to be looked after by a dedicated IT Support desk. Find out more…

Geoff, Ciaran, and the Macnamara Team
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